Just what is the benefits of bi xenon headlights?

Projector has two type: halogen projector and xenon projector. For xenon projector, it can be split into Xenon projector as well as bi-xenon projector. In the current aftermarket, individuals primarily choose to retrofit bi-xenon projector headlight for their automobile. Because it does not only integrate the merit of HID light bulb but additionally generate a high illumination.

The function of bi-xenon projector consists of extra, such as consistent lighting, solid infiltration, no scatted light, broad beam and so forth. It is evident to see that high-end autos (A6, BMW, Benz) all take bi-xenon projector headlight in nowadays.

Except for the functions above of the bi-xenon projector front lights, we still summarize the four benefits of bi-xenon projector headlights that reveal as below:

1. Conserving room and expense
There is an electromagnetic dimming tool in the bi-xenon projector. The projector could get used to high beam of light as well as low light beam automatically. Bi-xenon projector headlight can achieve high beam of light and also low beam of light assimilation, not one task for high beam, one projector for low beam of light. For this special performance, it conserves a great deal of room and expense in auto.

2. Criterion and roadway lawful
The high light beam and reduced beam of light of bi-xenon projector headlight can as much as ECE as well as DOT requirement.
The light reflected from the projector throws evenly as well as with a clear cutoff line. That complies with the Road Safety Rules.

3. Focus light beam
Bi-xenon projector can concentrate beam throwing lights on road with far away. It aids making certain vehicle drivers have great visibility in the evening and drive securely.

4. Reduced defective rate
Normally, the projector would not be harmed in most scenarios, other than in a traffic mishap. When headlight is being dim or busted, at most of the time we just need to change a ballast or hid light bulb.

With the above benefits, bi-xenon projector has repaired the HID headlight light bulb issues to provide easier function and operation for vehicle owners.

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